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Valparaiso Victory


You want to use this play with under 3 seconds left on the clock in an inbounds play in which you are on the opposite end of your basket. If this play is executed properly, you should be able to get a three pointer from the wing.

This play was used by Coach Homer Drew of thirteen seed Valparaiso in a first round NCAA tournament game. With 2.5 seconds left and Valparaiso down two, Valparaiso inbounded the ball from the opposite end of the court. The inbounder threw a baseball pass to just behind the three point line, and after catching the ball, a touch pass was thrown to a streaking Bryce Drew. He pulled up from twenty-three feet and hit a three pointer to win the game and complete the upset over the number four seed Ole Miss team.


1 - Shooter - located on the wing closest to the team's basket
2 - Shooter - located on the wing opposite the 1.
3 - Best Long Passer - Located out of bounds at the opposite end
4 - Located on either block by the basket.
5 - Big man who can jump - located on the free throw line of the team's basket.


  1. 1 and 2 will make a cut towards the inbounder.

  2. 4 will set a screen for 5 to free him up.

  3. 5 will sprint to just above the three point line from the block.

  4. The inbounder passes to 5.

  5. Once the ball is in the air, the players 1 & 2 will make another cut back to the wing to elude their defenders.

  6. The 5 will catch the ball and throw a pass as quickly as possible to the 1 or 2, whichever is open.

  7. 1 or 2 will square up and attempt to knock down a three pointer with the 4 being under the hoop for a tip-in if there is time left.

  8. 5 will also have the option of turning and shooting when he catches the ball.

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