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3-2 Shuffle


This play gives you opportunities to score inside, shoot an outside shot, or use it as a continuous offense. You can pass the ball to the left or the right to start the play.


Players 2 & 3 should be good shooters and Players 4 & 5 should be your strongest post players.


  1. Players 2 & 3 pop out to the wings. Player 1 passes to Player 3.

  2. Player 1 fakes to screen Player 2, then cuts back to the top of the key.

  3. Player 3 looks to pass to Player 4 in the post. If Player 4 is not open, Player 3 passes the ball to Player 1.

    If Player 1 is not open on the cut back to the ball, he can go set a screen for Player 2.

  4. Player 4 sets a back screen for Player 3. Player 3 will take a step towards the sideline to set his man up for the back screen. Player 3 will try to cut over the top of the screen and looks for the pass from Player 1.

  5. If Player 3 is not open cutting through the lane, he sets a screen for Player 5.

  6. After Player 4 sets the back screen for Player 3, he/she opens up to the ball. Player 1 passes to Player 4. Player 4 will look for Player 5 coming across the lane. Player 1 sets a down screen for Player 3 who will look for a shot at the top of the key.

  7. If Player 3 does not shoot, the offense is in its original set to run the play again. The play can go to either side.

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